"If those trees could speak, and those mountains could see,
many a tale would hear"

Hugh Hamon Charles, 8th Baron Massy (1894 - 1958)

Massy's Woods

Massy’s Woods is 100 acres of broadleaf woodland. It contained Killakee House which was owned by the Massy family and used for parties and as a hunting lodge.  By the early 20th Century the family fortunes were in decline.  The bank foreclosed on the heavily indebted estate and it was subsequently sold to a builder who demolished it in 1941.
Remains of the once manicured formal gardens are still visible.  You can still see the ice house, lovely stone bridges (probably constructed from stone from the Hellfire neolithic cairns!), the remains of the Mlitary Road built after the 1798 Rebellion and an old mill, to name but a few.    
The Friends of Massy Wood was formed in the middle 80's in order to protect and preserve this extraordinary asset for visitors and families to celebrate the wildlife in the unique forest of deciduous trees.

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